Happy 93rd Birthday!

No, it isn’t mine, it is my Mom, who turned 93 yesterday.  My two sisters came on Friday to spend a few days with us and celebrate Mom’s  birthday.  Mom has seen many things in her lifetime, married my Dad right after Pearl harbor, traveled with Dad while he was a field service rep for North American Aircraft during the war and waited out each time his number came up for the military.  Thank goodness they decided he was more valuable where he was!  She and Dad raised three daughters, partnered in a business doing standard line and custom products for boats- when Dad died 11 years ago, she continued to run the business for another 6 or 7 years.  She came to the point of deciding she didn’t want to be”a captain of industry” any longer and closed it.  She started  volunteering at Traveler’s Aid at Seatac Airport in the mid-60’s until they disbanded it 34 years later.  She also started rug hooking about the same time and  only when Macular Degeneration came did she have to reluctantly stop hooking.  It was always fun to talk about my mother the hooker.

For a visit that really hasn’t had a plan, we certainly have been busy.  The past week felt as if there were so many things to deal with to get ready, plus at long last the boat has gone to a good home.  My parents bought an 18″ Mukilteo hull back in the early 60’s for family outings.  I don’t remember too many outings, seemed so many glitches that a lot of the fun went out of boating.  I remember the first time we were going out with a picnic lunch – Mom had made fired chicken and potato salad.  We ended up having our picnic on the lawn in the backyard because Dad was having trouble with the lights on the trailer.  The next time we did put it in the water, but then we found the water rough and had to keep bailing.  Wooden boats need to be wet to keep the swell in the wood to make it watertight.  Then, when it came time to put the boat back on the trailer, we couldn’t get the trailer down to slide the boat on.  Dad kept backing the car closer to the water but the trailer kept floating.  It finally dawned on us that not only was there air in the tires, but the trailer was wood.  Somehow we managed to get it back on – let’s face it, three little girls were not much help and Mom was helping Dad and keeping an eye on us.

Later Dad put fiberglass cloth and resin on the boat – I remember helping him and painted his hand with resin.  We looked at each and laughed.  My brother-in-law used the boat to fish for awhile, then it spent the last years upside down in the back corner of the yard.  I finally called the Center for Wooden Boats and they were quite interested because it is a Mukilteo hull – turns out it was built in 1936 and instead of ruining the boat, the fiberglass saved it.  It need a lot of work but there is also a marine school that is looking for a Mukilteo to make a pattern to use in teaching the kids how to build the boat.  Maybe even a student project to restore the boat – who knows.

Friday my older sister arrived in the morning and in the evening my younger sister arrived.  We had dinner and by then most of us were ready for bed.  Yesterday ended up rather busy, some shopping in the morning, lunch and then baking a birthday cake – gluten free so I could eat it – then John and Luzma from next door came by to sih Mom a Happy Birthday.  They stayed for awhile and we had a good time.  Then Eddie grilled a wonderful steak for dinner, then birthday cake and gifts afterwards.  Eddie went to bed early because he is working the next 3 days on the delivery of the first 787 at the Future of Flight – he is having the time of his life.  I think he gets a bit overwhelmed at times with the Paull women all together.

I suspect the next couple of days will be a little quieter, one never knows.  Then both Ellen and Candy will leave and life will go back to normal – whatever that is.  From what little Mom has said, I think she is glad to have us here, she may be a bit on overwhelm at times.  Mom and Dad gave us a wonderfully loving foundation growing up and gave us the gift of integrity, honestly and discipline – from my point of view they always made us feel loved and wanted.  They have always been there to share our triumphs, good news and support us when things were tough or we just needed some reassurance or advice.  Quite an accomplishment!

Happy 93rd Birthday Mom!

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