Backstory – why not me?

To know more about who I am and what qualifies me to write this blog, I thought a bit of backstory might answer a few questions.  I mentioned I have had  Rheumatoid Arthritis for 39 years – in November 2009  it was 39 years that I was diagnosed.  Whether this is a reason to celebrate is still open to question.  I was fortunate that I was diagnosed right away, in 1970 it was not always easy for women to be able to be diagnosed that soon.  I met many women who had not been taken seriously, they were told they were just depressed or   to find an interest or that they were imagining it.  Yet a man could go in to see the doc and be taken seriously right away.

Also, the usual treatment was to start with aspirin and slowly work up the pyramid to gold injections.  From what I can see, many rheumatologists now start right in with Methorexate, and more heavy duty drugs to turn off the inflammation.  I find myself looking at other ways that are non-pharmaceutical since my body has had so many drugs over the years.  So far I haven’t found anything that really makes a difference, though I have many more possibilities to explore.  When I find what works, I will be happy to share it – though with body chemistry and course of disease different for everyone, there is no one answer for everyone.

I have also learned that much of RA comes from within, that means attitude, outlook and perception.  The one thing I have learned is that it is not necessarily “Why me?”, or even “Why not me?” that is important. It is the “How do I deal with it” that is important.  Even though I tend to feel I whinge about it all the time, people often tell me how amazed they are that I have such a positive attitude.  Obviously the inside feelings don’t show on the outside.   I have come to understand that the Universe is not out to get me, instead the Universe supports me and takes care of me.  There is a gift in RA, I am l working out what it is.  If anything I have had to deal with can benefit someone else, then that is something very positive coming out of something that sometimes feels very negative.

I consider myself an expert on my own RA, not for anyone else.

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