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I have been very frustrated because I have not been able to access this blog.  Usually I put giftofra and my password – now that doesn’t work.  They want the email address – I couldn’t remember which one I used because I have several.  I was in the shower the other day and I decided to try another one I don’t use that often.  The email was accepted but it didn’t like my password.  So I have been going round and round with it constantly telling me I am not authorized.  Ain’t technology wonderful!  It has taken quite a while and now at last I am in again.   Is there something about turning into 2018 that things are all different?  Now Facebook is changing – that ought to be interesting.  I may withdraw from Facebook.

The question I have is – has technology put a spanner in the works or have I lagged behind all the updates?  There is also the possibility of a combination – then I don’t feel quite so stumped.  The other question is Can I access this blog again without jumping through all the hoops again?  Not sure I want to contemplate that possibility.  I’ll just take it as it comes.

My last post here was the beginning of December – several things have happened since then.  Eddie had both cataracts done and it went really well for him.  He can now see across to the ships going up and down the Sound, everything is so much clearer.  He does need reading glasses and they should be ready soon.  He still marvels at how well he sees now as opposed to before surgery.  He wasn’t happy about being driven around for a week after each surgery – he is a terrible front seat driver.    When he gets his reading glasses, he will be done.

While that was happening, I managed to catch the flu/cold/crap going around.  I have spent a lot of time here to help get better.  I had sneezing, stuffy/runny nose, cough and having trouble sleeping.  I was surprised I didn’t  have the usual sore throat, though I did lose my voice, not very helpful for a radio host.  I managed somehow, one Tuesday Benny told me I had a husky, sexy sound to my voice.     I don’t know if I caught it from Eddie or somewhere else.  I did notice how my cough seems to be a problem – my throat gets dry and I cough.  I bought some Act lozenges and used them at night.  I finally figured out I could put one under my upper lip corner and it slowly kept my mouth and throat from being dry – hence, I didn’t cough.  There is still some left – I am not sure I want to take antibiotics to get rid of it fully.

Christmas was very quiet for us.  We were by ourselves resting and recovering.  We had snow Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas.  It made me think of Australia when someone asked me the significance of a white Christmas.  That stopped me in my tracks because I never really thought about it before.  Christmas is in the middle of summer and you are more likely to get a bad sunburn that frostbite.   I can also understand why they would ask – there is a snow scene on the cards, movies all have snow for Christmas, etc.  I explained that Christmas comes in the winter for us and some places get snow.  I realize it is a bit of a let down phrased that way.

The day after Christmas was my last radio show – I wanted to go to the studio for it, but icy, slippy hills make me very uncomfortable, so I did it from here.  I wanted say Thank You to the people I know thee and hug the stuffing out of Benny for being such a great producer and friend.  It wasn’t meant to be.  I want to find a great sponsor or two who believe in my show and want to fund it for as long as I want to do the show.  So that is one goal I have.  I have started a blog for the show  I have also put it on my website under BLOG at the top.  What has been interesting to is to see how many people have visited the web site – wasn’t sure anyone knew about it.   I am using content from the show and new posts, almost as if I am still doing the show.

If you are wondering about the photo at the beginning of my post, it is my sister Ellen’s from Ocean Grove, N.J.  She has been getting snow, ice and frigid temperatures for a while and sends  photos to show me what is happening.  It reminds me so much when Eddie and I lived on the East Coast and other places.  Makes me so thankful to live here.

Now I have been feeling at loose ends since I am not doing the radio show.  Jan. 2nd was strange because I hadn’t prepared anything and it was odd not going into the studio.  Last Tuesday I had to see my orthopedic surgeon who did my elbow – I found I was listening to the show I usually heard as I was driving to the studio.  Instead, it was to the doc.  For some reason I have has terrible pain in my elbow at times.  It started at the beginning of December and I had to really be careful how I placed my arm – otherwise sharp, shooting pains would come.  I was concerned I had inadvertently messed up the joint.  Then it seems to right itself and I was fine.  then last weekend it did it again and I decided I needed to find out what was happening.

The doc took an x-ray and said there was no problem with the joint, it was working perfectly.  He did feel a nodule around the point of my elbow that nearly brought me out of the chair. I was really glad there was no damage but wondered what to do about it.  I had 3 options — Option 1, do nothing.  Option 2, buy a cushioning wrap for it.  Option 3, go in surgically and remove the nodule.  I opted for #2.  He showed me something on Amazon and I ordered it that day.

They came this morning.  What is strange, now the elbow seems fine.  What is going on with it?  Who knows?  Life keeps me curious, that is for sure!!

3 Responses to “Back Into My Blog”

  1. Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

    Good to see you’re back with your blog, Liz! I’m glad Eddie’s surgeries went so well–I think last time I heard, he’d just had the first one done. I’m looking ahead to that in March–at the moment, threading a needle is challenging (depth perception) and trying to pin up the hem of a black top is like staring at a pool ink on the ironing board!

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick; so have I–I went in for persistent coughing and it turned out to be a sinus infection AND asthma! Two new meds, a different/stronger inhaler, etc….and now it looks like I’m getting side effects from one of the meds, so am stopping that on my own (next appt. is in a week).

    I’ll be emailing soon about my upcoming birthday….and, by the way, happy birthday to you on Monday!!

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