Almost Over!!!!

I don’t think I am the only one who is glad the election marathon will be over on Tuesday.   However, no one is sure what will follow when they decide who won the Presidency – another circus no doubt.  It seems each time the voter fatigue is worse than the one before – too many candidates saying he or she is the honest one and will accomplish so much.  Yet all the while saying what a crook, liar and double dealer their opponent is – enough already.  Afterwards the media will analyze it all to death.  Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind?  No doubt they are spinning in their graves.  Enough of all of it!!!

I didn’t realize it has been a month since I last wrote here – the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been dealing with bronchitis.  fortunately my doc gave me an antibiotic and I am finally feeling so much better.  I don’t like taking it, but I was so miserable that I was willing to do it.  I found they weren’t kidding about no caffeine, it kept me awake all the time.  Not a lot of sleep.    So I started drinking herbal tea so I could get some rest.  I also wasn’t to have dairy 2 hours before and after, so I had to have my yogurt for lunch.  Otherwise it was okay.  Usually it is the cough that gets me, wearing me out and making sleep difficult.  One night I was so frustrated, I took my to fingers and pressed them to the base of my throat – to my surprise, it helped stop the cough.

I am finding my little and ring finger on my left hand are still numb.  That doesn’t mean there is no feeling – such interesting sensation and they keep changing.  Lately it feels as if I have a tiny blood pressure cuff on the lower part of my little finger.  It also means my fingers aren’t all that strong or working all that well – you should see what I type before I have to correct it!  So there are things I can’t do very well – such as clipping my finger nails.  The right hand works fine but the left has very little strength. This time I used the cuticle scissors to cut my right hand, it actually worked.  Now I can type better with short nails.  I am still much slower than before, it too is slowly getting better.   I am glad to say I don’t have any surgeries or procedures coming up – what a relief!!!!

This week was the first of my radio show – yes, I have started it again.  It is easier this time and now I have a parking decal that says I am an employee of Hubbard Radio.  How about that!!!!!  It is a feeling of coming home and spending time with my family.  This time I have archives on – just click the link and look for  Finding The Gifts and you can find the archives.  It still doesn’t feel quite real, but it is definitely sinking in.  Now I need to start inviting gets and deciding what subjects I want to do – I plan to have the same guests I had last time as well as others.  I need to update my web site and Facebook page to let people know I am back.

Eddie went to Jerusalem to visit his sister – her cancer has come back.  There spots on her liver and they don’t think another surgery is feasible because she just had one a short while ago.  She is doing heavy-duty chemo – today is her second one – but they really don’t hold out much hope for her.  The kids aren’t telling her everything because she is such a worrywart.  Eddie and Tako inherited it from their mother, though Eddie isn’t quite as much of one as Tako.  He wasn’t anxious to go, but it turned out very well.  It really lifted Tako’s spirits and Eddie had a chance to spend time with the nieces and nephew plus their spouses and kids.  He seemed to be a unifying influence since things had been somewhat strained.  He and Tako are the older generation and so he seems to be somewhat of a patriarch.  He is very impressed with all of them and said he would be a mediator any time they needed.

The week he was gone was the first time in 14 years I was on my own.  He used to travel a lot and I learned to create a life while he was away.  Since we’ve been here, he hasn’t really travelled and if he did, Mom was here.  It probably took me that week to realize I was on my own – they he came back.  Life is very different here from when we were moving around.

No big surprise we have had a lot of rain this month and last month.  This is when the “livability” of Seattle is strained – we are used to going and doing while it rains but newcomers aren’t.  I love the rain and since I was feeling miserable, it wasn’t at all difficult to stay in the warm and dry house.

We had Jorge and his crew power wash the house and garage roofs as well as the side walks to get rid of the moss – it is such a difference!  It took him two days – worth every penny!  Also, we had a sewer back up and this time it was really serious.  They fixed it temporarily and then later dug up a position of the line on the bank to fix the pipe – it had a hole in it and the roots were really doing a number on it.  Its was pricey but necessary – now when my sisters come to visit, we won’t have the usual back up any more.

Not a lot else going on – I know I need to add pictures, but the last time I took pictures for the post, I did a header on the kitchen floor and broke my elbow.  I will just have to update in a couple of days.



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