First Week Going Solo

WOW!!!!!  It feels so good to be independent again.  I had a great week, felt good and we had some very lovely weather to make it even better.  Sunshine and almost to 80 degrees one day.  Now we are back into clouds and possibly rain on Tuesday.  The scales are blooming all over, the  pink dogwood is slowly unfolding, the fruit trees are beginning to bloom and I don’t feel the world has passed me by any more.  I feel much more regular – I find driving is as if I had been doing it all along because I am not impeded.  When I started driving after my arm healed, I didn’t have much range of motion, so I was a bit nervous and hesitant.  I am so grateful to have my freedom back.

I have to pick up my life again, seems to have been on hold for the last few months.  I am going to get a second opinion about the shoulder surgery, then make a decision about it.  It is time to resolve it one way or the other.  I also have to regroup about my promotional marketing business and decide what niche I want to focus on – trying to do everything doesn’t really work.  Also, I want to find sponsors for my radio show so I can start that up again.  The hardest part of the last few months a years has been feeling drag my a** tired all the time.  I have been feeling more energy lately, something I had forgotten and I want to continue to build energy up as much as I can.

I have been going out without any bandages for a week and a half – yes, I have a crease in my forehead, a curved scar below and the top of my nose isn’t quite blemish free – and as long as I concentrate on what I’m doing instead of how I look, I forget about it.  I am also used to it, though I will say that my head is still numb but still seems to have feelings in it.  Sometimes if feels as if I can feel the blood flowing through and tingles.  As I said, it is not unpleasant and can be rather an interesting experience to just feel what is happening.

Enough of me, there has to be something more interesting to write about.  I have spent a lot of the last week alone because Eddie has been busy.  Tuesday nights are late nights and this week Friday was too.  Then Saturday he was at the Future of Flight to help Sandy with tours for the Geek Fest.  At the moment he is at the Museum of Flight for the second day of it, though he plans to leave around noon.  People were very glad to see him yesterday up north, he  is highly regarded there.  He does admit to missing aviation, though he is definitely learning a lot about investments.   Wherever he goes, he meets very interesting people and through one of them he hopes to help Vartan.  We met him and his wife Lyla at the Armenian Church in November, he’s Armenian from Syria.  As Eddie says, there aren’t many left and it is important to help each other.

Speaking of Armenians, the flare up in Nagorno Karabakh has been in the news lately.  Usually one doesn’t hear about things like that.  It is an interesting situation because it is a small enclave of Armenians in the middle of Azerbaijan – many of the Armenians at the church are from there.  That is also why they do the sermon in Russian.  In Armenia there is a small island of land in the middle full of Azerbaijanis – probably not as many  as there are Armenians in Nagorno Karabakh.  I wonder if they will ever be able to  solve it.  I was also surprised to see there was mention of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian massacre – something Turkey does not acknowledge happened.

When we were in Canada, we mentioned the Armenian Church and Raouf asked if we would see if we could have some Armenian translated for him.  He has a framed picture or banner in Armenian and he wanted to know what it said.  We took pictures and we asked Vartan if he could translate it for us.  And he did.


He said when we showed the picture that it was in a very ancient Armenian.

This is the translation of the Armenian sentence which has been written on the curtain.

“This curtain is for memorial of Varter, her son and his family, to  Bursa’s Saint Mother Of God Church.   Date 1244”.

We have a picture downstairs we bought, written Armenian; I need to take a picture of it and see if Vartan will translate it for us.

Time for me to wash my hair and get dressed – that simply means I lean over the shower chair to wash my hair very carefully but not get my leg bandage wet.  So I am still in spit bath mode.  It should end soon so I can have a proper shower.

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