Tomorrow Is The Day

Thank You for the lovely flowers Candy.   Ellen’s photo is at the end


It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I had the first 2 surgeries for the Basel Cell on my nose – one for MOHS to remove it, the second to create a new nose.  Tomorrow the pedicle (skin flap from my forehead) will be removed and things will be in the right place.  I am hoping I can wear my glasses better – it has been annoying not to be able to see very well for this long.  The following Wednesday afternoon, sutures will come out.  I have no idea how soon I will have to do the right temple – I would like a bit of a respite before doing another round.

This time the surgery is in the middle of the afternoon, that makes eating and drinking a bit more tricky.  I can have a light breakfast – no food after 6:30 a.m. and clear liquids until 10:30.  Check in time is 2:30, surgery at 3:30, finished by 4:30 and recovery by 5:30.  Last time Eddie went walking around but didn’t like the area, so he is planning to take his book and read.

I have gotten better at doing a bandage for my face – some days it goes really well, other days it is a mess.  The surgery and pedicle look much better now – it’s my frustration level of not being independent and free to come and go as I please that bugs me.  I am feeling better, some more energy and I find I am sleeping better.  Now that could be the extra prednisone or I am really doing better.  We’ll see when I am back to my usual dose.

I am due to see my new rheumatologist on Tuesday – it is a short get acquainted visit, I won’t be getting Orencia at that time, just make an appointment for it.  I have been off it and Methotrexate for several weeks to help the surgery heal – I will have to start in again very soon.  From what I understand, she won’t require seeing me every time I do an infusion but will make sure she knows what is happening.

Other news, I went to wound care last Wednesday and they declared me healed of the ulcer on my leg.  I ordered some compression socks that I need to wear to help prevent anything else happening – they are on their way.  I have a waterproof bandage on and they said if there is any oozing, call them right away.  I have to change it today and I am hoping there is no oozing.  They gave me a slight compression knit thing to wear until I have my socks – I can take it off to shower.  I can now have a proper shower and wash my hair – I am enjoying it because I didn’t feel properly clean before.  I won’t be able to get my new incisions wet for 10 day – that means ugly hair for 10 days.

Yesterday I put together Eddie’s blog to send out today.  Our editor didn’t respond when we sent to him for proofing – it worries us because he has been sick and we wonder if he is much worse.  Eddie tried his cell phone – can’t find his home number.  He such a great guy and always enjoyed doing the blog post for us.  Update:  I looked him up on the internet and I think I found his home number.  When Eddie gets back from the Museum of Flight, I will see if the number looks right.  Too bad I didn’t think of it sooner.

I haven’t put any pictures or photos in my blog posts lately – my sisters both send me lovely ones and it is fun to share them with all of you.  I also have to say a huge Thank You to my friend Charlotte because she came to visit a couple of weeks ago when I most needed a lift.  Not only that, she brought lunch – our infusion of salt, fat and caffeine.  Most importantly she brought herself and we had a good time, eating, laughing and talking. She was such a breath of fresh air and sunshine – even though it was a cloudy day.  In some ways I feel as if the world is passing me by.  I only go out for medical appointments and Eddie has to take me.  I really depend on him and I am sure this has gotten so very old for him.

I haven’t made a decision about the shoulder surgery, I am cleared for a second opinion.  I have someone in mind and as soon as I am out and about again, I will make an appointment with her.  I also have to do a mammogram and eye check up as well.  My business has gone to pot since all of this started, it is time to regroup and decide what direction I want to go.

That about covers it for the moment, not sure it is a very interesting or entertaining blog post – there is something about writing it down that really helps me deal with it.  I hope it has something positive you can use in your life.  That is the whole purpose of the blog, to be of use to people dealing with a difficult situation. There is a gift in it – not sure right now what my gifts are yet from all the things from the past 4 years.


I feel as if I am on the rock watching the water myself.  I am a big water watcher.


2 Responses to “Tomorrow Is The Day”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Hi Liz,

    Tomorrow is Ron’s “big day” also–he’ll have two teeth pulled. He was afraid he’d have to have them all pulled, but others appear to be salvageable, at least so far. I don’t think they have complete x-rays yet–they started quite slowly with him, the worst (or worst-looking) ones first. So, while Eddie is waiting for you, I’ll be waiting for him.

    Glad your ulcer is healed–that really is good news!! Hopefully the new compression stockings, etc. will help you to prevent another one!

    Ask yourself, if the situation were reversed, and Eddie was the one who needed help and had all kinds of health issues, would it be a burden on you to take care of him and ferry him places? I’m betting the answer is no, because you love him. I would imagine he feels just like that, too!!

    Take care, and keep me posted on how things went. love, Char

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