Update – Christmas 2015

I was reminded that my last post had no pictures – unlike the previous one.  So instead of going back to a post you have already read, I will put pictures here with some titles so it makes sense.


This is Uncle John and  his niece Rose.


Not the  best picture of Raouf’s brother and Uncle John’s wife Bernadette.


This is the dining room – it was loaded for dinner and dessert also was full.


Raouf near the front door.  No picture of Rose’s daughter, I was talking with her and didn’t have my camera.


This is the main street of Niagara Falls.  To the left as you go down further are the hotels.


I always wondered how both the U.S. and Canada could each have Niagara Falls – this is how it is done.


Canadian side

There is a road all the way along the falls and the river, so you can drive but parking is practically nonexistent.  There is a side walk all along the edge so you can see everything.  You can see the American side and the platform they built so people could really see the falls.  A bit more to the left is the bridge to the U.S. side.


The hotels are on top of the hill and overlook the falls -that’s why they advertise what spectacular views you have from your hotel room.

The next part is a continuation – so I have already put some of the photos in now instead of in the next part.

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