Stretching to Drive

It’s so lovely not to have the sling on, restricting my movements.  I am slowly feeling a little more my regular self each day, though stretching my muscles to be able to drive again is not a comfortable activity.  I have simple exercises to do, some are not all that easy.  I do a few at a time each day and now after a week, I’m not sure which is stiffness from the sling and which is from stretching.  I can see a little progress from last week, I just want to have it all stretched out right now.  Too impatient – where is the patience I have learned from RA?

I find I can sleep on both sides at night, though the left side is a bit uncomfortable.  It feels as if there is a heavy weight on it, the right side is fine.  I still also sleep a bit reclines as well – it’s just so good to have other options at last.

Things have been in a bit of an upheaval at the Future of Flight – Eddie submitted his resignation on Monday.  He is going to be working with our financial advisor in Bellevue learning the basics of financial planning but won’t be selling.  He will be running the office and doing meetings and events – I suspect there will be a lot of other things they will create as well.  We have worked with Andy for several years, he has handled our investments and Roth IRAs doing a really good job.

The focus of the Future of Flight has changed a lot – it is now more education than commercial aviation.  It is the commercial aviation that drew Eddie there and he loved it.  But the fun has gone out of it and the atmosphere is very difficult now, it is time to close the book on it.  He is working with PNAA – they work with suppliers and manufacturers in aviation – they are a great group to be with  and he enjoys working with all of them.

It really feels like Fall now, crisp sunny days and sweater weather.


I called my friend Melanie Hope in Las Vegas this afternoon – she sent me an email to see how I am doing.  I so enjoyed talking with her, once again I realized how much I miss seeing her at Breakfast Club.  We would laugh, joke, talk and everything in between – it is so satisfying to have someone who “gets” me.  I will admit we didn’t do a lot of laughing during this conversation – we both have been through some very difficult times and it helps to tell her things I haven’t sad to anyone else.  I know it will never go farther than the two of us.

I felt so much better after our conversation – she is such an amazing, loving woman.  I so glad we are such good friends, the kind who may talk for months and then pick up right where we left off from the last time.  I hope she felt the same.


Hmmm, this is going into another day.  I had an email and photo from my sister Ellen; they have buttoned up the hatches and are prepared for Hurricane Joaquin coming up the East Coast.  Ocean Grove seems to get off fairly lightly in storms, so I pray the worst that happens is they just lose their electricity.  She wrote it is supposed to continue through Tuesday.  The hurricane is going out to sea, but close enough to send a lot of rain and wind along the eastern seaboard.

Now our Fall weather has become cloudy and foggy – less bright and cheerful than it was yesterday.  The prediction is for rain – we’ve heard that before and nothing really came of it.  It is just wait and see, dress for what it is at the moment and be prepared to bring a sweater of jacket “just in case”.

Since I can’t think of anything else to write about – no one wants to hear any more about my arm and its progress.

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  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Glad you are continuing your exercises, Liz–it can be difficult, but will be so worth it in the end!! See you soon! love, Char

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