This One is For Candy

Candy had her birthday in November – sometimes it is on Thanksgiving.  I sent her a box for her gift, but I thought she would enjoy something extra.  Pardon me, Candy, if you are uncomfortable about a couple.

I have been cleaning out and found some photos from different places, years and people.  I know she will like these two because it shows our Dad when he was very young.

Robert Galloway Paull - 1915 - 16-2Dad was about a year or so old – this is in 1915 or 1916

Robert Galloway Paull - 1915 - 16-1It’s the beginning of his long golden curls.

Candy- 1956-2This is Candy at 2 years old.

Candy- 1956-5Candy at 4 riding a pony – no idea where

Ellen, Elizabeth & Candy- 1954-2

This is the backyard of the house in California

Ellen, Elizabeth & Candy- 1954This is in front of the back porch of the house in Seattle in 1955 – Grandfather Paull was visiting but I don’t know if Grandmother came too.


I was going to scan some more photos for Candy but now suddenly my scanner won’t work.  Technology has gotten the upper hand this time.  My other printer suddenly decided it wasn’t connecting to the cartridges – so that is out of commission.  However, I hope these will be  good for now.  Also, there are old family photos on their way to Candy and somewhere in the depths of the upper cabinets are more photos.  These are for you Candy, enjoy.

2 Responses to “This One is For Candy”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Wonderful pictures, Liz! I had forgotten your hair was so wavy–I guess it’s been quite a while since you wore it long enough to see that!! Thanks for sharing. love, Char

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