A Little Work In The Yard

It has been a busy week and  we have made a big change to those and yard.  Delores and Bob Allen were having their drive repaved and they asked if we would like to do ours at the same time.  theirs needed a lot of work while ours needed some more gravel and then it would be ready to pave.  She gave us the name and number and Eddie had to think about it.  He had called them when Delores first told us about them and no one answered, just a voicemail.  Eddie left two messages and no one ever called him back.  that doesn’t go down well when someone doesn’t answer the phone, so he was leery of them.  This time he left a message on Monday and Tuesday morning I had a call back.  He gave me a quote and I  wanted to let Eddie know how much they would charge.  He didn’t think it was outrageous, so I called the man back and left a message that we would go ahead.  He called back and said he would be out in the morning with the contract for signing.

They were still at Allen’s when Eddie came hoe, so he went over to talk to the crew to tell him what he wanted, I decided he needed to have the way he wanted it.  As he was talking with them, it turned out they are also doing the paving for the parking lot at the Future of Flight.  This I learned when Kevin came on Tuesday morning with the contract.  they said they would start that day, but I never saw them show up except to paint lines along the drive.  Not sure what was happening.

When I came back from Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning, I found this in the drive and newly bulldozer gravel.





No way was I going to be able to park in the garage.  So I put it over at John and Luzma’s house, tucked in among the other cars.  I knew they wouldn’t mind.  I took some pictures of the things they had done.


They scraped some of the other gravel down so they would be able to pave a level way into the garage.


There is a bit of a hail down toward the garbage cans, a bit much for me, so I go along the drive to a lower place.


There is a bit of a gradual going down so Eddie can put away the wheelie bins without an obstacle.


They made it so there is a gradual incline to the end of the side-walk.


They planned to take a bit of the hill and smooth it a little, plus they dug by the pavement.


You can see one of the orange paint marks they did the day before.

 No one showed up until around the time Eddie came home, about 1 or after.  Then we saw Bob Allen checking it out because the guys came to pave.  I wanted to take pictures of the process but Eddie wanted to get going to do what we needed to do, so I have a few pictures of before and after but no during.  This is what we saw when we came home – the Volvo was parked behind my car at John’s.


A brand new drive!


No more step up to the sidewalk.


A small ridge by the trees.


They curved it on both ends.


They also scraped at each end at the foot of the drive.


That’s how it first looked to us – we left the tape on until the following afternoon.


It all happened faster than we expected – it was a future project and now it is a reality.


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2 Responses to “A Little Work In The Yard”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Looks great, LIz!! I think you need to reset the date on your camera, though–if you just had this done, the pictures are date-stamped a year and a half ago!!! 😉 (I don’t know if I’d know how to change the date stamp on my own camera, to tell you the truth. I’m definitely technically challenged!)

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