Time Is An Illusion

Time is an illusion

Ever since we went back to Standard time, I feel as if time goes by much more slowly now.  I look at the clock at times and think I am late, yet I find I have plenty of time.  Other times it feels as if the days move more slowly.  I know there are still 60 seconds in every hour and 24 hours in a day – wonder what is happening.

I will admit this past week or more has moved too swiftly for orders that 2 clients want for the middle of December.  Fortunately one is in and on its way, the other I still am not sure about.  If she gets on her horse and provides info, vector art and Illustrator, we can do those.  These are nail biters and I don’t like when they happen.  I prefer much  more time so no one is feeling anxious – most especially me.

timeI’m still working this cartoon out – I am a sucker for cats, so that’s why I put it in.

I started thinking about this when I would be doing something and have to check the clock – then find out very time had gone by.  That seemed odd because so often time flies when I am concentrating on something.   Lately I have been telling myself “There’s plenty of time” when I am feeling rushed and not sure I will there on time.  (That is a whole different subject).  Other times I will decide “I’ll get there when I get there” and not get so antsy.  Hmmm, have I been programming myself without realizing it?  Certainly wouldn’t be the first time!

I was looking at the phrase Time Is An Illusion – amazing what came up about it.  Leigh Brasington wrote this in the New Yorker around 2005 –

Time, as we know it, is only an illusion. We usually think of time as having three parts – Past, Present, Future. But what is the Past – only a collection of memories. We can’t experience the Past, we can only remember it. And we can only remember it in the Present (furthermore, our memories are noticeably unreliable). There is no objective thing that we call the Past; it can’t be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.  And what is the Future – only a mental construct in the Present. We can’t experience the Future until it “becomes” the Present. Until then it only a hope and dream.

As I have been learning more metaphysical things, time isn’t linear as we think.  It is more vertical and everything is happening right now.  I have to admit, I have this  still simmering on the back burner, it’s how I process things.  I have always been taught it is linear, that Past, Present and Future come one after the next.  To wrap my brain around a completely opposite view takes more time, but I am working on the idea things I have been taught from a very age may not always be true.

I am learning more about my past lives – only bits and pieces right now.  We tend to think our existence has only been in this world – to think in terms of being from another world before we came here takes a long simmer on the burner.  I haven’t quite grasped it yet and there isn’t much information about my former world, so it is still an idea and not quite real.  No, I haven’t gone off the deep end – I am not even sure I should write this right now.  To some it is in the realm of Woo Woo, Goofball and Hocus Pocus.

In that case, how about a little humor about it?

robert-leighton--einstein-ponders-the-mysteries-of-space-and-time-new-yorker-cartoon_i-G-66-6602-XWQ2100ZThen I found another one that is completely off topic but reminds me a lot of my husband.

Cartoon 3

He is so much happier with his Mac Pro now.  We have spent so much money repairing and debugging that Dell laptop.  He was so frustrated with it at times that he was ready to throw it out the window.

I will  admit this post has taken a lot longer than usual, by now I am not even sure what I had in mind in the first place.  It may seem rather disjointed, it does happen with a post once in a while.


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