The Maginot Line – Without A Blueprint

It’s been foggy for at least 2 weeks, yesterday was only cloudy and for a short space of time we actually saw the sun.  Then back to cloudy and there is supposed to be sun today – maybe that quick ray of sun was it for the day, we’ll see what develops.

The fog hasn’t been so thick I haven’t been able to see the front yard.  I came out one morning not too long ago to find four mole holes in a row.  My first thought was the moles are building a Maginot Line of their own – for what purpose is a mystery.


It is probably a little hard to picture because Delores from next door has been putting her mole pellets in and tramping down the mounds.  The moles have gone nuts lately with their little and big mounds.  In some places they have pushed up another mound on top of where Delores had a;ready put pellets.  A kind of adding insult to injury.


It’s a little hard to tell but these are on the side of the hill, about 2 or 3 feet down the bank.  That I didn’t expect.  It has been interesting to see where they pop up.  They have been doing it over by the garage in the area where we had the boat – no idea why that part, though one was a large mound and the other a small one.  Do you suppose that is the training ground for the young?  Mom encouraging the little one as she gives instructions through the tunnel?  No answers so far.


As you can see, we don’t have a golf course/putting green lawn – in some places it is 50/50 lawn and dandelions, other places it mostly dandelions.  Our “Mr Dinh” mostly  mows the dandelions and some lawn.  So having mole holes in the yard doesn’t make it any less in need of help.


They have gone nuts in what’s left of the rose bed and all around the outside.


This is one at the corner of the rose bed that has a pile on top of a pile Delores already put mole pellets.  Do you suppose the pellets are like an overload of caffeine or Viagra that hops them up to dig so many holes?


All this just in the area of the roses, though the overgrown raspberry bed is also getting them too.


They are a busy little family – hyped up on mole pellets.


This is on the opposite side of the raspberry bed.   Certainly isn’t a putting green.


There doesn’t seem to be any particular plan, rhyme or reason for where they dig – maybe they have a wrong map of the Maginot Line.


We plan to redo the lawn one of these days and landscape – way in the future.  They will need to dig out the old lawn and put new soil and level it out.  Wonder what will happen to all the tunnels?

The weather has been quite interesting so far – clouds, bit of sun, fog, toolie rain, sun over in the West and can even see the mountains.  Wonder what else will come.  We definitely don’t have boring weather.

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2 Responses to “The Maginot Line – Without A Blueprint”

  1. Lights of Clarity Says:

    Looks like a beautiful place. My husband would go crazy if that happened to our yard because of moles. How are you feeling? How is your mom doing?

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      I will admit, I am not too crazy about all the mole holes, but then again, I don’t have much of a lawn. I am doing well, I am at a point where I want and need to sell my parents furniture and put our furniture in to make it truly “our home”. Not sure what is holding back. Mom is doing well, she may not be able to make herself understood when she talks, but she hears and it goes in and is processed. I have been reading my sister Candy’s e-book to her and she is alert as I read. She has a cold at the moment so I just wnet in to say “Hello” on Friday and give her cookies – I don’t want to catch whatever she has.

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