Working On Link For Remodel Blog

Let’s face it, technology sometimes defeats me for a while, but I am determined  to see if I can get this link to my other blog working.  I am going to see if I can also have a link on the front page so you don’t have to keep looking at old posts to find it.  Let’s try again.

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!  It is working finally.  It drives me crazy when things don’t work properly and then when I finally have success, oh so sweet!

It seems to take me longer to do the Remodel blog than this one because I am uploading pictures and it takes awhile for each one.  this one I just write with an occasional photo.  I had a lovely email from sister Candy and she sent a gorgeous picture:


I wish I knew what they are – almost like a rhododendron but very delicate.

Thank You so much Candy, it is gorgeous.

Yesterday we checked out  light fixtures – one for the porch light, the other is for the kitchen overhead light.  I like the carriage light for the back porch, fortunately we both agree on that.  For the kitchen he likes the modern one but I prefer something more in keeping with the style of the house.  So we will keep looking.  Also knobs for the cabinets – I thought they came with knobs, but apparently they don’t One more thing on the list to ask Brad.

Not a long post today, I just finished another one for the Remodel blog.

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