A Little Inspiration

Every once in a while I will check out Facebook and see what’s posted.  Some have posted some very  funny things but also many very inspirational things that hit me like a ton of bricks.  They came from a site called Calming Your Inner Storm.  I love the photographs and the quotes – many of them seemed written just for me at this point in my life.  I would like to post a few for this post.

This first one really hit me in the face – I have been learning this very regularly lately because I have been very good at it.  Now I find myself recognizing it more often and making different choices.

This next one is also a life lesson.

This one really reflects my progress in trusting my intuition – how wonderful to find I really do have intuition!

I have concentrated a lot on how to heal RA, but still working on being able to be in silence without so much mind chatter.  Practice makes it easier each time I do it.

I have spent a lot of my life being a pleaser because I didn’t think who I am was anything special.

Becoming aware has not always been comfortable, but I see the progress I have made and I can pat myself on the back now and say “Good Job”.

I have been impatient all my life to know who I am and what my life purpose and direction are – I am still a work in progress and  I am more open to things – even waiting.  I have also learned that asking patience isn’t the smartest thing to ask God for, better to ask for absence of impatience.

And one more.

So much of what I have learning about myself is being able to truly love, accept, approve and trust myself.  I am finally learning that I am a loving, lovable person and that deep down there isn’t a god-awful bitch on wheels living there.  That goes for everyone else, we are all loving and lovable children of light and love.  As I find other quotes, I will create another post.  Some Life lessons are necessarily uncomfortable – especially with gorgeous photos.  Check out Calming Your Inner Storm – I was delighted to find it today.

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