A Liberating Experience

A  good friend and marketing expert Marty Marsh talks a lot about being authentic, especially with internet marketing.  He has noticed there are people who don’t put a picture of themselves, their contact information and such on their websites – almost as if they are hiding from their prospects.  Marty  feels it is important to let people know who you are – how else will they know, like and trust you and want to do business with you?  He sent an email describing it as a bold and scary project:

A member of my soul proprietor community and a friend, Jini Cicero, turned me on to a project being done by a woman named Amber Naslund, and Jini thought it would be a great project to emulate with my own soul proprietor community.  And I agreed.

I’m calling it the “What you probably don’t know about me… but that I wish you did” project.

We all put a business persona out there and rarely do any of us get even a glimpse of who somebody really is. This project is for you to share the real you. The real person that only you may know.

Marty sent us a link to his and although he was concerned what people might think about him once they knew some of these things, he was intrigued to do it.  I started thinking about it and then found myself making a list.  I wrote it and kept thinking of things I wanted to add – except it was getting a bit long by then.  If you would like to read what some of the people wrote, it is at his Soul Proprietor Blog.  I was hesitant to put myself out there, yet that is what I have been doing on this blog for almost 2 years.  So if you would like to know a little more about me, you can find my entry about 3 or 4 entries down.  I suspect you have figured out a lot about me from this blog, so it may not be  all that surprising.

I was tired when I finished and sent it to Marty.  But then  a while later there was a feeling of liberation, almost of relief in a way.  I realized it was an enjoyable experience, the only struggle was in deciding what to put in, sometimes how to phrase it , did I sound as if I was putting myself down and getting tired when I was not ready to stop writing.  I loved how it felt and I realized that is how I want my work, my purpose in life to feel.  It flowed with ease and  I didn’t have to think about what people would say, that I didn’t have to compete to “win” a client or a project.  I was just being me and it was a lot of fun.  I don’t think I put myself down, a lot of things I wrote about in my early years and school now have a different perspective – a more positive one.

I started another list and have been adding to it – I decided to write a second one for myself.  Now it is getting my shoulders and neck to behave long enough to write it.  I wrote it the week before last, a really good week for me.  I had some energy and interest in what I do as well as feeling rather good.  This last week has been uncomfortable – a bit of a downer after a good week.  not sure why, but it is what it is.  I had my deep tissue massage on Friday and more stuffed feeling came out – I felt something was ready to come but wasn’t sure what.  She has been working on my knees the last two weeks – this week I can bend my left knee a little when I walk instead of only with a straight leg.  My right knee goes at a 90 degree angle now – amazing!

Debye talked about helping the knee remember how it was designed to move and what is so wonderful and amazing is that now, at the 2nd day, I am still doing very well.  Before when I did it on my own, the middle of the knee in front hurt like crazy – she did it in a way that I haven’t hurt as a result of moving  in a different way.  I have to consciously remember to bed the knee, it has been many years since I have been able to do it.  She invites her angels, spirits,  guides and master teachers as well as mine to come and be part of the massage – she says they tell her what to work on and how.  I believe her and trust all them to know what is for my highest good.  Now to some that may sound woo woo or goof ball or spooky, but I am learning so much from the holistic practitioners I know that it doesn’t seem spooky at all.  There were two messages they wanted her to give me – one is to love myself, the second is that I must choose to heal myself and really want it.

I feel a lot has come all at once and I am still processing it – I am much more ready to hear it and not try to deflect or justify things.  I am more open and  and receptive to unlimited possibilities as well as what I have to work on inside me.  All of it has come as a result of unconditional love of those around me and my readiness to love myself.

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