Thank You YouTube!

It has been a rather odd 2 weeks for me lately.  We had snow the week of Thanksgiving and since we live over a steep hill and at the top of another one, there was no way I was moving my butt out of here.  I have been stuck on a hill in snow twice and that is 2 too many times.  My other half made it out  – who wouldn’t with an all wheel drive Volvo – but spent the next 2 nights up north in a hotel.  I missed him but very glad he wasn’t in that traffic jam called I-5.  I knew he was safe and warm in a hotel.  The snow finally melted and we had blessed rain, so I saw him back the day before Thanksgiving.  A little snow sends Seattle into a tizzy, so a lot of snow and ice sends it into orbit.

I know, what does that have to do with YouTube?  I coming to that.  I was scrolling around on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, I had been playing Bing Crosby, Ray Noble, Jack Hylton and Perry Como for my Mom.  She really enjoyed it because they are songs of her  young adulthood when there were big bands and part of the time she was going out with my Dad.  Later I started looking around for some crystal singing bowl videos because I have been interested in sound healing and other more holisitic practices for the RA.  I look for non-pharmaceutical ways to relieve pain and also to understand what is going on down inside of me.  I came across a series of  Chakra videos, one for each chakra.  So I listened with ear phones and wondered if anything would come of it.  Plus I know it is good to clear the chakras for well being.  The fellow who did these videos calls himself 12soundsolutions and he had one called Amethyst Singing Bowl.  It is meant to balance the masculine and feminine energies we all have.  Now I know my giving right side is quite open, but my receiving left side is not open much – reasons for that are a whole different subject.  So I figured it could hurt to have my energies balanced.

That night I slept quite well and comfortably, with only mild pain – I was amazed since I have had such pain and difficulty for the past few months.  So I listened to it again the next day, another good night’s sleep and not the miserable pain that has been so usual.  I have been listening to it every day and it am sleeping better than I have for a while.  What is going on?  I will say that since that first day, I have been so tired, falling asleep in the chair and feeling as if I am dragging myself around at times.  Last Thursday I had that “coming down with something” feeling, not sure if it is a cold or flu.  Also, after months of not having them, I had several migraines so I took a bomber each time and it was gone later.  I started taking baking soda, took Airbonne and then Friday I started in on essential oils for the impending sore throat.  Now it is a stuffy nose and more of a cold, so Tea Tree oil.  Not sure what to do next, I may end up going to my acupuncturist to get rid of the whole thing.  Yet in spite of all of that, I have slept quite well.

Now I can’t say the same for my joints, they seem to be rebelling and making it harder and more uncomfortable to walk.  I am sure my body is shouting at me to let me know something is going on – which part do I listen to first?  Yesterday I had a feeling of being boxed in – who is doing the boxing in and why?  Is there something going on in my life that I would rather hurt than face it head on?  I do have one situation to deal with that I don’t feel I have any control – well, some days that seems to cover everything in my life.  But I realize that no one ever controls anything except one thing – one’s perceptions and thoughts.  So I have to sort out my thoughts about things and decide how I want to perceive them – that I have control over!  The choice is  whether to continue on my ingrained and programmed negative or to stop to consciously shift gears and create positive perceptions.  Takes some effort to teach an old dog new tricks, but definitely possible.  I keep thinking “Why is this coming up now”?  That answer  always is because I am ready to hear it.  Just add it to the list.  The good part is that I am sleeping better at the moment.

So I will listen to the Amethyst Crystal bowl every day until the Universe sends me something else.  Thank Yo YouTube for having all those videos and a way to listen to things I didn’t know existed or I haven’t heard in a long time.  I am beginning to see Life as an adventure.  You never know who you will meet or what they have to say – like the lady yesterday in the health food store who was buying marshmallow root to brew tea because the contrails piss her off.  Go figure!  I wasn’t going to touch that one with a 10 foot pole.  Happy marshmallow root tea to her.

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