That Was The Year That Was

October 4, 2015

In some ways it seems a long time, other times it only happened a little while ago.   A lot of things have happened since my Mom died last year on October 8th, 2014.  I scattered Mom and Dad’s ashes on January 16th, 2015 into the Sound from a ferry – she wanted her ashes combined with Dad’s and I was able to do that for her.  In June I did a Celebration of Life Open House for her and was pleased to see so many people there who knew Mom and Dad, plus special friends of ours.  It was the last thing I did for her, except to remember her and all she gave me and my sisters as our Mom.

I know she was definitely ready to go on the next journey, she missed Dad and Josephine the cat so much.  I  had talked to people who communicate with spirits and they told me Dad and Josephine were waiting for her, there would be a big party to welcome her.  The animal communicator told me Josephine loved them both  – she was definitely their cat.  She also said Josephine was waiting for Mom so she can sit in her lap – how true that was in life.  Some would say it is just woo woo, hocus pocus, goofball, airy fairy nonsense; I don’t agree.

An intuitive told me that Mom kept us at arm’s length because she thought that was how she was supposed to do it – in some things, that explained a lot for me.  I was upset about  seeing her descend slowly into dementia, it was difficult to deal with her and it hurt to lose my Mom and wonder who this woman was who took her place.  I finally realized Mom was teaching me and giving me gifts in the process – it has taken awhile because I was in the middle of all of it.

I took a 6 week grief support class and that helped, I find myself getting teary eyed as I write this – I am not sure where I am in my grief or what works for me.  I know there were many times I wanted to run away and not have to deal with all the changes and what was happening to her.  But there wasn’t anyone else  to help, just Eddie and I.  People told me I would regret not being there for her and I now realize they were right.  There were times when I didn’t want to visit her twice a week, but I didn’t want her to ever think she had been abandoned, so I went.  I mostly read to her towards the end; mostly I put her to sleep.  I brought chocolate each time until she was at a point she couldn’t eat it.

Eddie and I cleaned the house – still a lot of things left – and made sure the furniture went to good homes.   We painted the living room and then brought up our furniture to make it finally our home.  We still have a lot of work to do, but the living room and kitchen makeovers have made an amazing difference.  I wanted it to be done for the Celebration of Life and it was.  Then as I was resting from all of that and getting ready to continue cleaning out, I was rear ended, my car was totaled and my arm was broken in 2 places.  The surgeon has said the humerus is healed after 8 weeks, just be careful and do the exercises he gave me.  I need to be able to drive to have the focused physical therapy to help get me back to as close to normal as possible.

The past 5 years have really helped me grow and mature – I have the confidence I can handle whatever situation comes up, I have a support team and people I can count on for help and information.  I thought I had to do it all myself, it scared me because I had no idea what to do in any given situation.  I’ve felt like a scared little kid for most of my life, it made me feel powerless and helpless.  Now I know I am an adult and I know I can handle it, and/or ask for help.

Stretching to Drive

October 2, 2015

It’s so lovely not to have the sling on, restricting my movements.  I am slowly feeling a little more my regular self each day, though stretching my muscles to be able to drive again is not a comfortable activity.  I have simple exercises to do, some are not all that easy.  I do a few at a time each day and now after a week, I’m not sure which is stiffness from the sling and which is from stretching.  I can see a little progress from last week, I just want to have it all stretched out right now.  Too impatient – where is the patience I have learned from RA?

I find I can sleep on both sides at night, though the left side is a bit uncomfortable.  It feels as if there is a heavy weight on it, the right side is fine.  I still also sleep a bit reclines as well – it’s just so good to have other options at last.

Things have been in a bit of an upheaval at the Future of Flight – Eddie submitted his resignation on Monday.  He is going to be working with our financial advisor in Bellevue learning the basics of financial planning but won’t be selling.  He will be running the office and doing meetings and events – I suspect there will be a lot of other things they will create as well.  We have worked with Andy for several years, he has handled our investments and Roth IRAs doing a really good job.

The focus of the Future of Flight has changed a lot – it is now more education than commercial aviation.  It is the commercial aviation that drew Eddie there and he loved it.  But the fun has gone out of it and the atmosphere is very difficult now, it is time to close the book on it.  He is working with PNAA – they work with suppliers and manufacturers in aviation – they are a great group to be with  and he enjoys working with all of them.

It really feels like Fall now, crisp sunny days and sweater weather.


I called my friend Melanie Hope in Las Vegas this afternoon – she sent me an email to see how I am doing.  I so enjoyed talking with her, once again I realized how much I miss seeing her at Breakfast Club.  We would laugh, joke, talk and everything in between – it is so satisfying to have someone who “gets” me.  I will admit we didn’t do a lot of laughing during this conversation – we both have been through some very difficult times and it helps to tell her things I haven’t sad to anyone else.  I know it will never go farther than the two of us.

I felt so much better after our conversation – she is such an amazing, loving woman.  I so glad we are such good friends, the kind who may talk for months and then pick up right where we left off from the last time.  I hope she felt the same.


Hmmm, this is going into another day.  I had an email and photo from my sister Ellen; they have buttoned up the hatches and are prepared for Hurricane Joaquin coming up the East Coast.  Ocean Grove seems to get off fairly lightly in storms, so I pray the worst that happens is they just lose their electricity.  She wrote it is supposed to continue through Tuesday.  The hurricane is going out to sea, but close enough to send a lot of rain and wind along the eastern seaboard.

Now our Fall weather has become cloudy and foggy – less bright and cheerful than it was yesterday.  The prediction is for rain – we’ve heard that before and nothing really came of it.  It is just wait and see, dress for what it is at the moment and be prepared to bring a sweater of jacket “just in case”.

Since I can’t think of anything else to write about – no one wants to hear any more about my arm and its progress.

Free At Last !!!!!!!!

September 24, 2015

I saw my surgeon yesterday – end of week 8 – and he said I am healing well.  I don’t have to wear the sling any more.  I still have to be careful and of course I can’t drive yet.  DRAT!  Since I have to be able to drive myself for outpatient focused physical therapy, he gave me some simple exercises that will help me.  I am supposed to see him in 3 or 4 weeks – another period of being housebound.  The good news is I am less hindered now without having to wear the sling and I am healing.  I want to speed it up, it is a slow process and this is where my patience has to really kick in.

This morning was the first time I had a shower by myself in 8 weeks.  Unfortunately my arm doesn’t quite stretch to my tush, so I had to ask  Eddie to help me.  I will be able to stretch in a bit as I use the exercises to get myself back to normal – whatever normal is for me.  Who knows, I will be able to break out of this bubble I have been living in for weeks – I know the world is out there and it has continued on while I have been healing.  I know it has stopped to wait for me, I wonder how it will feel to be independent again and be out on my own.

It’s interesting that the one thing Eddie really noticed was my bruises from the accident.  My right arm was nearly black all over as well as the right side of my back.  He saw the full technicolor range as they began to heal.  I couldn’t see the total picture, I saw the inside of my arm – that was plenty for me.  Now I am back to my regular color again.

I need a haircut in the worst way – I am 8 weeks overdue, it looks shaggy and doesn’t work well.  I have a cowlick that sticks up no matter what I do.  I look a bit like Alfalfa in the Our Gang comedy.  I had  found a great way to comb it over to the left, now it is too long for it to work well.  It covers the cowlick well, when I have it combed to the right, it sticks up.  I’m hoping maybe I can get to Michelle soon.  I know she will be horrified by the trimming I did to keep it from being too shaggy.  I have cut places to make sure I don’t have some bits sticking out – not the best job but it seems to have helped.  Well, that’s from my perspective, not having been able to see the full effect.

I am able to sleep on my right side for brief times – its more comfortable than my left side.  I am so tired of sleeping reclined that I want to sleep in a different position.  Still have to do the reclined but the side sleeping is getting better.  Small improvements take more time to notice.

That’s the update for now – slowly getting better and able to do more things.  Sure beats going backwards!

Working on Week 7

September 13, 2015

I must be doing better, I am restless and antsy to take off the sling permanently and work on being able to drive my new car.  So far I have only been able to ride in it, I really like it.  However, driving would be even better.  I can do a bit more with my right arm, even more without the sling.  Since I want to make sure I don’t mess up my arm, I continue to be confined by the sling.  I think my big problem is lethargy.  It often feels as if it is too much work to do things – putting on clothes and shoes for instance.

When Eddie is here it is easier; when I am by myself, I often feel all kattywampus.  I have been wearing short sleeves to make things easier, as well as not climbing into a bra.  Eddie is still helping me with a shower and getting dressed – yesterday we were at Uwajimaya for things we don’t find anywhere else.  I usually push the basket, but this one had a list to the right and as we filled the basket, it got heavier and harder to steer.  I had to ask Eddie to drive it.

He has remarked several times lately that I am back to my usual color.  That’s because my whole right arm and the right side of my back were very technicolor from bruises.  I couldn’t really see the extent, though I could see my arm on the front side.  It was certainly contributing to the pain and discomfort, it is comfortable again.  Doc Pierce  was concerned I was anemic as a result, but I wasn’t after my rheumatologist did tests. This coming Thursday is my infusion day – I am hoping my next one in October I can drive myself.  I miss my independence more and more as I improve.

I can’t say I have done much of interest this last week.  I fixed up Eddie’s Kaplanian Report – he still doesn’t put spaces after commas or periods.  However, the content is great and that is most important.  He receives a lot of compliments and raves about it – I think he is very gratified.

We have gone to 80 degrees this week, now suddenly from 83 to 70 today.  It will be in the 60’s this week – quite  a lot of ups and downs.  We have noticed the leaves beginning to turn in a few places – looks as if Fall is ready to come in any minute.  Looking back, we did quite well with blueberries, figs and pears from our trees – the apple tree was full but they were pithy and not very good.  There were apples constantly on the ground – they had a lot of trouble staying on the tree.  I must admit, I didn’t really do much for any of them – I didn’t put any fertilizer sticks in the spring or water them when it was hot.

That’s about it – I will see the orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks on September 23rd – I’m curious to know he has to say.

Going Into Week 6

September 6, 2015


I saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday – he said the x-ray of my bone is a little fuzzy.  That means the bone is healing.  He says it is tenuous at the moment, I am hoping it will keep getting stronger and stronger.  He had given me three exercises last time – 2 are easy, the third is isometric and hurts.  So he said not to do the 3rd one.  He also said in about 2 weeks it shouldn’t hurt; I am all for that.  Sometimes it feels as if it is taking forever, other times it is hard to believe it has been 5 weeks already no doubt because I am looking back.

The biggest frustration – besides not being able to do much or drive – is dealing with the orthopedic surgeon’s office.  I couldn’t make them understand State Farm is my primary insurance, auto and Medicare supplement – they kept saying they don’t bill 3rd party insurance in the case of an auto accident.  The fact is was an auto accident seem to cancel anything else I said.  I talked to the person in billing and explained I had Personal Injury Protection with my insurance – still didn’t register.  She said they didn’t have a signed consent form from me to bill the insurance company or  release records to them.  Finally she said she would sent me the proper form to sign and I could send it back.

What has been happening is I have had to pay to see the doc each time – then it turns out my visit costs more.  We have paid with a credit card and now the bill has come – still trying to get them to reimburse us for what we have paid out-of-pocket.  At least this time they didn’t make us pay and they asked for Medicare and Medicare supplement cards – so we will see what happens next.


Eddie has been looking at cars  to replace my Versa; he has pretty much decided on a Subaru Imprezza with all wheel drive.

We went a couple of weeks ago to see it and I had a chance to sit in it – I liked it but since I can’t drive, I don’t know how it will handle for me.    Eddie had been to the other branch of the dealer and talked to a young salesmen and when he decided to buy, he was going to deal with the young man.  I asked about Leighton, he was great and I really liked him, so Eddie played the 2 against each other and Leighton did a better job.

Friday was a very lethargic day, I didn’t want to get up in the morning, so stayed in bed as long as I could until I just had to get up to go tot he bathroom.  That night I had such a hard time going to sleep and didn’t really sleep very well.  Plus I slept or at least lay on my left side and when I got up, my right hip hurt – felt like the sciatic nerve in the middle of my right bun had a knife in it.  Needless to say, I was very uncomfortable walking.

However, we were going down to pick up my new silver car.  Since I couldn’t drive, Leighton would drive it home for us and Eddie would take him back to the dealership in Ballard.  I rode with Leighton to see how it all worked, he synced my phone for me and showed me how things worked.  We programmed some of the radio stations I like and I saw how to do a CD.  Unfortunately there isn’t a CD changer – I can live with that.  I am going to have to read the Quick Reference Guide to see just what is where and how it all works.

I was concerned about insurance for the car, so I called Vickie to see what needs to done.  It was so simple, she reinstated the Versa insurance and because it is a replacement car, it is good for 30 days.  Tuesday Eddie will call her and give her the VIN # and then it will be in the Subaru’s name.

After Eddie came back, we took it to go for coffee and some groceries.  Then I had that sudden hip pain – left side – that says it is going to rain.  I wondered – didn’t look as if there was any coming.  By evening I was miserable, my shoulders hurt and both hips bothering me.  Not my preferred state of body.

I slept will last night and my left hip doesn’t hurt – it rained in the night – and my right bun is much more comfortable.  No idea if it will again or not.  We have been waiting for Jorge and his guys to come and mow the lawn – or should I say dandelions – for several days.  We have noticed everyone in the neighborhood has a lawn full of them.

Hmmmm, I am amazed I was able to write this much; I find more and more small increments of progress and I am very glad.  I will take pictures of my car so you can see it.


Baby Steps Add Up

August 30, 2015

I am starting to use capital letters at last.  Plus I had enough strength in my right hand to finally cut my finger nails – they have gotten much longer than usual and they were driving me nuts.  It was harder to do things with them long.  And I was able to actually reach across and put deodorant under my left arm.  That may be TMI for some.

Wednesday I see the orthopedic surgeon – that will be 5 weeks, with 3 more to go.  I am still limited in being able to do things – I will admit to being scared to move the arm too far because I don’t want to mess it up in any way.  I am also tired of having to wear the sling all the time.  Small things I know – on the whole I am doing well and am so grateful and thankful for all that Eddie does for me.  He has always been a treasure, this has taken it to another level.

We had a good rain and even stronger blowing winds – some people were without electricity yesterday.  We had ours go off, then come back on, then go off for maybe 15 or 30 minutes.  We saw a lot of leaves and branches down, some large branches broken and hanging in the tree.  We did our stuff and came home by 1 – windy and rainy isn’t our favorite weather to be out.

I still spend a lot of time sleeping or feeling sleepy – I am ready for a nap now and it is only after 11 a.m.  I had a shower this morning and washed my hair, I can’t have a nap or it will look all wonky.  I was telling Eddie when he was helping me with my shower, I am so glad we have a stall shower instead of a tub.

It is a really good time to catch up on my reading, the only problem is I don’t feel like it and it is hard to focus on it.  That was they way I was in rehab, books to read and no interest in them.   Strange because reading is such a great pleasure.

I can feel this in my upper right arm, so it will be short this time..

a little something different

August 28, 2015

i started thinking that i could write a bit each day and then publish the post all together since i can only write a certain amount at a time.  we’ll see how it goes.


not one of my better days on sunday – a very low point.  guess it was a poor-me-isis day. i was feeling down, very limited and fed up with being stuck at home.  when i am home, i can find all kinds of things to do, at the moment that isn’t the case.  everything is disorganized and it is bugging me, yet i have to watch what i do until my arm is healed.  after 46 years eddie still hasn’t quite figured out what to do when i am so low.  i asked for an attitude overhaul into positive territory – it’s better but i know i have to conscienciouly  choose positive.  thank goodness i am getting better at that.

we have had some miserable air lately because  of the forrest fires – i haven’t seen the mountains in a while.  it is smoky, hazy and yucky, which in turn makes the sunshine more uncomfortable.  i haven’t been out since saturday and i think it is time for me to see if i can get a little exercise by walking up and down the sidewalk.

it felt so good yesterday afternoon to have a shower and wash my hair – i’m not quite at a point i can do it myself yet.  eddie has been so great at helping me do simple things and still work and do all that he does.  i am blessed to have such a wonderful husband.


a really crappy night, my shoulder ached and hurt so much i wasn’t able to go to sleep except in fits and starts.  i was surprised i didn’t spend the night in the living room chair, but stayed in bed.  around 5 when eddie left for work, i was finally able to sleep for 3 or 4 hours.  i had only an hour’s liedown this afternoon, i am hoping to sleep better tonight.

i finally  was able to put eddie’s kaplanian report on the blog this morning – took some doing with rests several times to make sure i don’t mess up my shoulder.  i feel as if i have accomplished something rather than being like a bump on a log.

it feels as if it is not quite so smoky, though i can’t see the mountains ever though it is sunny.  the sun doesn’t look quite so hazy today, i really need to put some slacks on and go walk down the sidewalk in the fresh air.  i have been cooped up in the house too much.

i have had several orders come up, so i have asked the owner of cmti to help with them.  one of them is for an online store, new territory for me.  i am hoping pete will have a 3 way conference call with the client to answer questions and explain how it works – i don’t really have a clue.  should be interesting to see how it unfolds.


a really good night’s sleep at last.  felt so good.  I find the not sleeping really messes me up.  today is doc day again – we both are seeing our primary care doc.  he wanted to see me in two weeks – i am doing better now that when I saw him 2 weeks ago.  he must think i am doing well because he wants to see me in 4 weeks.  eddie has the stuffy, runny nose and sneezing that everyone has because of the weather.  i sneeze and cough – some days are better than others.  nothing he can do and said eddie could take over the counter stuff.  not something eddie wants to do.

after the doc, we went down to have coffee – things seem to tire me out easily.  i didn’t plan to go into the grocery store, but i realized i needed to walk a bit.  I have been inside the house most of the time – hard to get my slacks on and go outside and walk up and down the sidewalk.


i had gotten a call from dave gagley on tuesday to see how i am.  we met with him today to help with the accident and see what my options are and how to handle things that come up.  I feel better knowing i have him on my side.  the other insurance company isn’t all that cooperative, so we’ll see what develops.  it was also a time for eddie to let off some steam and talk about what is bothering him.

the biggest thing is whether or not i want to do the joint replacement when the bone has healed.  that will be very costly but more to the point – i will ave to go off my meds for 2 months and then the recovery period.  if i don’t, i will have a dicky shoulder for life.  i was off my meds when i broke the hip and ended up with a huge flare-up, hate to think what 2 months would be.


pete had a call with the woman who wants an online store – but she wants to do individual things – one shirt here, a pin there.  it’s not what we do.  so that is the end of that.

this is getting a biting, so i will publish it and start another one.

almost 4 weeks ago

August 23, 2015

this coming wednesday it will be 4 weeks since i was rear ended.  4 more to go before the arm is healed.  i am doing better, not feeling so vulnerable when i go out.  since i don’t have a car, nor can i drive with a right arm broken in 2 places, i have to rely on eddie to take me places.  it was doc week, wednesday afternoon with the orthopedic surgeon.  he took more x-rays and said it is healing and the joint is settling into place.  it still hurts and of course i am very protective of my arm, though he has given me 3 very simple exercises.  2 are fine but the 3rd hurts – i’m less likely to do that one much.

i saw my primary care physician last wednesday – he isn’t gung ho on the idea of the joint replacement – i am at a higher risk for that surgery.  thursday i saw my rheumatologist and she too isn’t gung ho either – more risk of infection.  eddie liked her a lot and then we went up for my infusion – a glimpse for him of what my life is like.  this coming wednesday is primary care doc for both of us.

monday my friend char came by and we went out to lunch.  I felt more normal, more my regular self.   but i didn’t realize i scared eddie – he called several times and there was no answer.  he was scared i had fallen or something had happened to me, so he left work and headed home as fast as he was able.   he saw books on the dining table and thought char had come and we were out.  when we came back, i saw the bedroom window open – i was sure i had closed it because i was pleased i could do it one handed.

i am a bit more flexible, slowly getting better every day.  saturday we went to the suburu dealer so i could sit in an impress.  it’s not bad but it will be a while before i can drive.  as with most outings, i was ready for a nap when we came home.

i spend most of my time at home, not able to much of what i can usually do – it is frustrating to be so limited that i can’t do simple things for myself.  i can manage a small sharp knife with a peach, but not ready to do an apple.  even when i think go something simple, like some tuna salad – i realize i am not quite flexible enough to use the can opener.

we received a check for the car, more than we expected because eddie keeps the cars in such good shape.  eddie is ready to by a car and keep it in the garage and drive it himself.  plus it is the end of the model year and the prices are really good.

i think i wrote more this time than the last time – i can feel it in my upper arm, so i need to stop.

didn’t see this coming!

August 9, 2015

this post will be short since i can only use my left hand.  on wednesday, 29 july i was on my way home when i had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting the car in front of me.  i was relieved i didn’t hit anyone – no idea why cars in front were stopping.  then a few seconds later, the car behind me rear ended me.  somehow i got the car over to the side of the road – my right shoulder was killing me and i could only sit there trying to  recover my wits.  the other driver didn’t come up to me for quite a while – his air bag deployed.  he let me use his phone to call vickie – my insurance agent.  i told her what happened but then his phone cut out before i could tell her where i was.

he had called his mom and when she came, i asked her to call vickie to let her know where i was.  then she asked if i wanted her to call the police and an ambulance – hell, yes!!!  the fire department and ambulance came, they pull a collar on and put me on a backboard.  it wasn’t easy to to get me out and i felt i was falling.  the highway patrol officer got all the information for me and i asked that they tow the car to murray’s.

eddie was at the archives, so i asked vickie to call him after 1 to let him know what happened.  then i was on my way to er.  i found out later that murray’s had called eddie to say they had my car, so he called vickie to find out what was happening.  poor love, by the time he found me, he was really shaken up.  i had been having x-rays and a c-scan to find out what had happened.  they didn’t really tell me much, only that my right arm was broken – they put a sling on and told me i could go home.  i was to call the orthopedic surgeon’s office for an appointment for early the following week.

i have been quite miserably uncomfortable, sleeping the chair, the bed – anywhere i could find a comfortable position.  i had some heavy duty med for pain, but it wasn’t doing it for me.  i saw the surgeon on tuesday and finally found out what the problem is – at the top of the humorous is the ball, there is a fracture along the bottom, plus another one a little bit down as well.  i need to be in the sling for 8 weeks for it to heal, then they will do an inverted joint replacement.  another 6 or 8 weeks.

the car is totaled, so that means another car.  this is the end of my energy, i’ll do another post in a bit.

Blessed Relief!

July 12, 2015

I am not a hot weather gal – 75, maybe even 80 is my limit.  So almost 10 days of 90’s was really difficult.  I figured it would not last forever and it didn’t.  It is in the 70’s and so much better for all of us.  We didn’t do too badly – it is the early evening until around 3 or 4 in the morning before it cools down that are the most uncomfortable times.

We put the furnace fan on at night, it circulates the cool air in the basement around the rest of the house.  We bought a fan back in May when we thought we would have the floors done.  It was tucked away in Mom’s room and we forgot about it.  Eddie brought it out to the living room and that helped as well.  We kept the windows and doors open – some days we had a breeze, some days it was still.

I found myself sweating in the evening, usually around the time I was ready for bed.  I spent a lot of time wearing a t-shirt and panties when I was home all day – also the minute I came home.  It was not always easy to go to sleep and after a while, I felt worn down.  Now I know we don’t have the really miserably hot weather that other parts of the country are experiencing.  This is what I’ve been experiencing right here.

One reason I haven’t done any posts is because all I wanted to do was whinge about how uncomfortable I was.  I also have been feeling either like a bump on a log or just downright sleepy.  So many are just as uncomfortable or even more , who wants to read my post just  whingeing.  I also haven’t been doing much, this is a time of rest after all the things for Mom and getting the living room done.  Eddie has really been clearing boxes – so many things look strange to us.

Since I have been having knee trouble, I haven’t been down stairs for quite a while – time to check out what Eddie has been doing and what needs to be given away.  I know he has put quite a few boxes out for recycle the past few times – as soon as they empty the wheely bin, it is filled up quite quickly.

I am amazed at the bumper crop of blueberries – the birds have also noticed.  We put the net over the bushes, unfortunately there have been some birds who got trapped inside.  I went to buy 6 more yards of nylon net to put around the bottom and some wooden clothes pins to hold the whole set up together.  Eddie found bricks and a few stones to put around the bottom to keep them out – so far, so good.  Eddie picked a soup bowl full of blueberries and we had a delight bowl each for breakfast this morning.  there are some left that I will put in my yogurt tomorrow morning.

As you see, this is a rather short post – there isn’t a whole lot to report that is of interest.  I have times when I feel more human, then suddenly I am back to just wanting to sleep.  I see that is progress and look forward to more times when I feel I have some energy.

Stay as cool as you can through the hot days – this too will past.


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Rocking This Illness: My Story of Life with Behcet's Disease

Navigating Life with an Illness that Doesn't Define Me

I used to be indecisive...

...but now I'm not so sure


making my world greener, one day at a time


art and practice

Wiley's Wisdom

Joy: From the Ground Up

Mom At Work

Work is the easy part.

" Creativity is a drug that i can't live without' - Cecil B. Demille StickertyClick, Destination for all of your edgy creative needs.

brent's iPhone & japan

what am i up to...


Life as Seen by Hemingway and Shakespeare

The top 10 of Anything and Everything!!!

The top 10 of just about anything everything, from cakes to cats and dogs to caravans. Always a laugh, always worth seeing.

The Jiggly Bits

...because life is funny.

All Flared Up: An Arthritis Blog

Living Rather Than Wallowing

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